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Hitachinaka Students Test their Taste Buds in English!

Students Learn about Flavors through Taste Testing English Lesson. Does it taste salty or sweet? How about bitter or sour? We use these words in English to describe how different foods taste! Last Saturday we ate different types of snacks to learn this. Our students tried different snacks such as mochi ice cream, dark chocolate, black coffee, …


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English Hack: English Slang–Hump Day

Hello there, Freedom students.  Yesterday, I said it was “hump day”.  What does that mean?  Well, we use the phrase to talk about Wednesday.  Why?   Well, Wednesday is the middle day of the week.  So, we can imagine that if the week was a hill, Wednesday would be at the top.  Or think about …


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English Hack: To Live vs Live

Hey, Freedom students!  This week’s mini-lesson used an interesting word, so let’s chat about it!   Live (the adjective) is used to describe things that are happening right now, or to describe something that is currently alive.  For example: “We saw a live comedy show.”  or “I cannot believe we found a live rattlesnake!”   …


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English Hack: Slang–Drama Llama!

English Hack: Slang–Drama Llama   Hello there, Freedom students!  This week, we’ve been focusing on an English slang phrase: drama llama.  What does that mean?  Why do we like it?  Let’s find out!   A drama llama is a person who over-reacts to everything.  They like the drama/stress that comes with being loud and difficult. …


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English Idioms: Time Flies

Hey there, Freedom students!  Earlier this week, we had a mini-lesson about how quickly time passes!  In English, we have a great phrase for this: Time Flies!  We mean that time passes so fast that sometimes we don’t know where it went.  It simply flew away! Do you have a phrase like this in your …


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English Hack: Want to –> Wanna

Hello there, Freedom students!  I’m sure you noticed in this week’s mini-lesson that I used the word “wanna”.  Wanna is how many speakers pronounce “want to”.  We use it so often that we also often type and text using wanna instead of want to. If you wanna sound more fluent in English, try using wanna …


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English Hack: Passive and Active Voice

English Hack: Active and Passive Voices! Hey, Freedom students!  Are you unsure about this week’s mini-lesson?  It used passive voice, which can be difficult in any language.  So, here’s a quick drawing to help you out!