Hey, Freedom students!  This week’s mini-lesson used an interesting word, so let’s chat about it!


Live (the adjective) is used to describe things that are happening right now, or to describe something that is currently alive.  For example: “We saw a live comedy show.”  or “I cannot believe we found a live rattlesnake!”


This live is pronounced with the long i sound, where i says it’s name (ライブ).


To live, on the otherhand, is a verb and is used to describe where a person is/what city they are in.  For example: “Kate-sensei lives in Japan, but her husband lives in America.”


This live is pronounced with a short i sound, like (リーブ).


How bothersome!  Don’t forget that English vowels have two sets of sounds: short vowel and long vowel.  Can you make all 10 sounds?  If not, be sure to ask your teacher!