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Bowling for English!

Bowling with flash cards! A great game for review and quizzing! We start by reviewing the flash cards we are learning this month. Then, we put the clothes pins on the cards. After, the kids set up the cards like bowling pins. Finally, they line up and bowl! When they knock down the cards they …


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Tag, you’re it! Enjoying English tag together

Our students love playing English tag! Tag is the English version of Oni gokko. We changed the game by making students say an English word or phrase every time they touch someone. Students can easily practice and memorize English words through this game. It’s so much fun!


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Learning ABCs has never been easier!

ABC foam match! In this game we first take out all the abc letters and throw them on the floor. Then each student gets an ABC card and searches for the matching foam letter. Once they find it, they put the letter back and get a new card. Whoever has the most cards wins! A …