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July 4, 2017: English Mini Lesson

Hello there, Freedom students!  Happy 4th of July!  Let’s celebrate by tackling an English mini-lesson! Choose the correct English word:   “Our dog is terrified of fireworks.  One year, a firework went off above our house and it was ______ loud.”   Incredibly Incredible Minutely Minute   What do you think?  Put your guesses in …


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TOEIC Vocab Monday: Ratio

Hiya Freedom students!  Happy Monday!  Let’s start your week off right with another TOEIC vocabulary word for you to study.   Ratio (noun)–a comparison between two numbers.  It compares how much of one thing to another thing.  (Typically we write them as ¼ or 1:4)   “The ratio of dog owners to cat owners is …