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English Hack: Want to –> Wanna

Hello there, Freedom students!  I’m sure you noticed in this week’s mini-lesson that I used the word “wanna”.  Wanna is how many speakers pronounce “want to”.  We use it so often that we also often type and text using wanna instead of want to. If you wanna sound more fluent in English, try using wanna …


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March 29, 2017: English Mini-Lesson Answer

Hey Freedom students!  Here’s the answer to yesterday’s mini-lesson! b)      Take a raincheck? Asking to take a raincheck is a way to say “I cannot do it right now, but I would love to at some other time.”  When do you have to take a raincheck?  Do you have to do so often?


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March 28, 2017: English Mini-Lesson

Hello there, Freedom students!  Aren’t you glad the rain has finally stopped?  I am!  Let’s do a quick mini lesson to celebrate the sunny day. Choose the correct English Idiom: “Wanna go to the café with me?” “Sorry, I have a lot to do today at work.  Can I…?” a)       Have it to go? b)      …


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TOEIC Vocab Monday: Inherit

Hello there, Freedom students!  Here’s another great TOEIC vocabulary word for you to add to your flash cards! Inherit (verb)—To receive (money, property, etc) after the death of a person; to acquire (a quality, characteristic, or personality trait) genetically from your parents or ancestors. “Oh, he inherited money when his father died.” What did you …


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Famous Quotes Friday: Harry Houdini

Hey there, Freedom students!  Today, I have a great English quote from the magician Harry Houdini. Harry Houdini was born in Budapest today, March 24, in 1874.  He is well known for his great illusions and stunts.  He performed many sensational escapes from chains, water, and even being buried alive!  One of his most famous …


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March 22, 2017: English Mini-Lesson Answer

Hello, Freedom students!  Here’s the answer to yesterday’s mini lesson! a)       From When we talk about traits, both physical and personality, we tend to use the word from.  “Oh, she got that straightforwardness from her time at school.”  “I got my curly hair from my father.”  What did you inherit from your family?  Let us …


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March 21, 2017: English Mini-Lesson

Hello there, Freedom students!  It is a rainy and dreary day, isn’t it?  Here’s a mini lesson to make the day a little brighter! Choose the correct English word: “Harry got his green eyes ______ his mother.” a)       For b)      From c)       At d)      By What do you think?  Let us know in the comments …


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TOEIC Vocab Monday: Restore

Hello there, Freedom students!  I hope you enjoyed our English news article yesterday.  Here’s a good TOEIC word for you to practice from the article. Restore (verb)—to put or bring back to use; to bring back to the original state “Historians are always trying to restore great works of art and literature.” What do you …


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Cool News Sunday: A New Statue was Found in Egypt!

Hey there, Freedom students!  Check out this great story from Egypt! A new statue of king Amenhotep III was found in Egypt last week by The Colossi of Memnon and Amenhotep III Temple Conservation Project.  This statue shows the great king Amenhotep III sitting on his throne.  It is made of black granite. The group …


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March 15, 2017: English Mini-Lesson Answer

Hello Freedom students!  Would you like the answer to yesterday’s mini-lesson? a)       Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed What does this mean?  It means that a person is curious and energetic.  They’re ready to take on the day and life’s challenges.  Can you imagine recent graduates as squirrels? Hehe!