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May 31, 2017: English Mini-Lesson Answer

Hello there, Freedom students!  Did you find the answer to yesterday’s mini lesson?  I hope you chose the right answer.   3) feels like   English speakers will often change senses depending on how we felt things.  For example, because it feels hot, we would use “feels like”.  If suddenly I smelled someone cooking dinner, …


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May 30, 2017: English Mini-Lesson

Hello Freedom students!  I hope the week has been great so far.  It’s time to get started on another English mini-lesson!   Choose the correct word:   “I can’t believe it was 31 degrees last weekend.  It _______ summer already!”   Tastes like Smells like Feels like Looks like   What do you think?  Let …


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TOEIC Vocab Monday: Deduct

Hey Freedom students!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Do you have your flashcards ready for this week’s TOEIC vocabulary word?  Good, let’s go!   To deduct (v)–to remove or subtract something   “Any damages will be deducted from your deposit.”   What sort of things do you deduct?  Can you give any examples? …


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English Hack: Slang–Drama Llama!

English Hack: Slang–Drama Llama   Hello there, Freedom students!  This week, we’ve been focusing on an English slang phrase: drama llama.  What does that mean?  Why do we like it?  Let’s find out!   A drama llama is a person who over-reacts to everything.  They like the drama/stress that comes with being loud and difficult. …


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May 24, 2017: Mini-Lesson Answer

Happy Wednesday, Freedom!  Did you find the answer to yesterday’s mini-lesson?  Was it hard?  Let’s take a look at the answer.   b) drama llama   How did you do?  Was it what you expected?  What do you think drama llama means?  Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for our English hack …


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May 23, 2017: English Mini-Lesson

Hey there, Freedom students!  I hope that Monday wasn’t too terrible. 😛  Today’s mini-lesson is a little difficult, but do your best, okay? Choose the correct English slang:   “Don’t be such a ______!  It wasn’t a big deal.”   Lame potato Drama llama Slithery snake Lazy sloth   Hmm.  What do you think?  This …


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TOEIC Vocab Monday: Concern (round 2)

Hey there, Freedom students!  This week, we’re going to talk about the word concern again!  First, let’s review from last week!   Concern (noun)–anxiety, worry   “The decreasing revenue following last quarter’s review is a concern of mine.”   We can also use concern as a verb!   Concern (verb)–to relate to, be about; make …


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Famous Quote Friday: Sivananda Saraswati

Hello there, Freedom students!  I hope that you had a successful week.  I certainly did!  Today, I have a fantastic quote about success for you.   Sivananda Saraswati was a Hindu monk from India.  He was born September 8, 1887 and was a very smart student.  He attended medical school and practiced medicine for about …


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May 17, 2017: English Mini-Lesson Answer

Heya Freedom students!  How did you do on the mini-lesson yesterday?  Here’s the answer for you to check out. c) I’d love to!  When would you like to meet? Did you choose the correct response?  How would you decline (say no) to the offer?  Show off your excellent English in the comments below!  


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May 16, 2017: English Mini-Lesson

Hello there, Freedom students!  Hope yesterday’s TOEIC vocabulary word wasn’t too concerning. (^_^;;)  Let’s get down to business today and tackle an English mini-lesson!   Choose the correct English answer:   “Would you like to go to the movies with me on Friday?” “_________” a) Of course, let’s go to karaoke! b) No, thank you. …