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English Hack: English Slang–Hump Day

Hello there, Freedom students.  Yesterday, I said it was “hump day”.  What does that mean?  Well, we use the phrase to talk about Wednesday.  Why?   Well, Wednesday is the middle day of the week.  So, we can imagine that if the week was a hill, Wednesday would be at the top.  Or think about …


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June 28, 2017: English Mini-Lesson Answer

Hey, Freedom students!  Happy hump day (Wednesday!)!!  Here’s the answer to yesterday’s mini lesson!   4. bigger than   How did you do?  Remember, when you want to compare two things and want to use a word with one syllable, we add -er to the word.  Big, small, light, weak, and strong are all words …


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June 27, 2017: English Mini-Lesson

Hello there, Freedom students!  I hope you had a good Monday and Tuesday!  Let’s get going on another great English mini-lesson!   Choose the correct English words:   “I think Tokyo SkyTree is __________ Tokyo Tower.” Most largest than Biggest than More big than Bigger than   What do you think?  Put your guesses in …


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TOEIC Vocab Monday: Comprehensive

Happy Monday, Freedom students!  Let’s kick the week off right with a TOEIC vocabulary word!  Get your flashcards ready!   Comprehensive (adj)–to be complete, to look over everything, to check 100%   “You should get a comprehensive exam from your doctor every year.” “She studied really hard for the comprehensive exam, because she was afraid …


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Famous Quotes Friday: Joss Whedon

Hello, Freedom students!  Today, I have a great quote for you from the very famous screenwriter and movie director, Joss Whedon.   Whedon was born today, June 23rd, in 1964.  He comes from a family of very famous screenwriters and directors.  His grandfather, John Whedon, worked on The Dick Van Dyke Show in the 1960’s. …


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June 21, 2017: English Mini-Lesson Answer

Hey there, Freedom students!  Did you find the answer to yesterday’s mini-lesson?  Here it is!   3. raining   How did you do?  The example sentence was said in the present, so we use ~ing to represent current tense (present continuous).  Can you use this tense in an example?  Show it off in the comments …


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June 20, 2017: English Mini-Lesson

Hello, Freedom students!  I hope the week has been treating you well so far.  Let’s get today going with another English mini-lesson!   Choose the correct verb:   “Wow, it is really _______ out there!”   Rain Rained Raining To rain   This should be pretty simple, I hope!  Do your best, and tune in …


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TOEIC Vocab Monday: precious

Heya Freedom students!  It’s Monday, and you know what that means?  It’s time for another TOEIC vocabulary word.  So, get your flashcards ready!   Precious (adj)–very valuable, very important to a person or thing.   “The Hope Diamond is a very precious stone that you can see on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington …


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English Hack: To Live vs Live

Hey, Freedom students!  This week’s mini-lesson used an interesting word, so let’s chat about it!   Live (the adjective) is used to describe things that are happening right now, or to describe something that is currently alive.  For example: “We saw a live comedy show.”  or “I cannot believe we found a live rattlesnake!”   …


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June 14, 2017: English Mini-Lesson Answer

Hello, Freedom students!  Did you solve yesterday’s mini-lesson?  Here’s the answer!   4.   live   Anything that you can see in person, in that moment, we call live.  For example, we will often say that we went to a live concert, or a live showing of a play.  This means that the concert/play were …