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Hitachinaka Students Test their Taste Buds in English!

Students Learn about Flavors through Taste Testing English Lesson. Does it taste salty or sweet? How about bitter or sour? We use these words in English to describe how different foods taste! Last Saturday we ate different types of snacks to learn this. Our students tried different snacks such as mochi ice cream, dark chocolate, black coffee, …


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Famous Quote Friday: Sivananda Saraswati

Hello there, Freedom students!  I hope that you had a successful week.  I certainly did!  Today, I have a fantastic quote about success for you.   Sivananda Saraswati was a Hindu monk from India.  He was born September 8, 1887 and was a very smart student.  He attended medical school and practiced medicine for about …


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Famous Quote Friday: April Showers

Hello there, Freedom students!  Today, we have a great famous English quote for you…but the author of this quote isn’t well known anymore. Thomas Tusser was born in 1524 in England.  Not much is known about this poet, except that he attended King’s College in Cambridge, as well as Trinity Hall.  After his schooling, he …


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TOEIC Vocab Monday: Inherit

Hello there, Freedom students!  Here’s another great TOEIC vocabulary word for you to add to your flash cards! Inherit (verb)—To receive (money, property, etc) after the death of a person; to acquire (a quality, characteristic, or personality trait) genetically from your parents or ancestors. “Oh, he inherited money when his father died.” What did you …


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Famous Quotes Friday: Harry Houdini

Hey there, Freedom students!  Today, I have a great English quote from the magician Harry Houdini. Harry Houdini was born in Budapest today, March 24, in 1874.  He is well known for his great illusions and stunts.  He performed many sensational escapes from chains, water, and even being buried alive!  One of his most famous …


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March 22, 2017: English Mini-Lesson Answer

Hello, Freedom students!  Here’s the answer to yesterday’s mini lesson! a)       From When we talk about traits, both physical and personality, we tend to use the word from.  “Oh, she got that straightforwardness from her time at school.”  “I got my curly hair from my father.”  What did you inherit from your family?  Let us …


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March 21, 2017: English Mini-Lesson

Hello there, Freedom students!  It is a rainy and dreary day, isn’t it?  Here’s a mini lesson to make the day a little brighter! Choose the correct English word: “Harry got his green eyes ______ his mother.” a)       For b)      From c)       At d)      By What do you think?  Let us know in the comments …


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Cool News Sunday: A New Statue was Found in Egypt!

Hey there, Freedom students!  Check out this great story from Egypt! A new statue of king Amenhotep III was found in Egypt last week by The Colossi of Memnon and Amenhotep III Temple Conservation Project.  This statue shows the great king Amenhotep III sitting on his throne.  It is made of black granite. The group …


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March 14, 2017: English Mini-Lesson

Happy White day, Freedom students!  Here’s a mini-lesson for you to sink your teeth into! Choose the correct English phrase: “Oh my!  Look at all the fresh graduates on the train!” “Wow, they’re certainly _________!” a)       Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed b)      Like watching grass grow c)       Not a spring chicken d)      Have a green thumb What …


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Famous Quotes Friday: Steve Jobs

Hello Freedom students!  Today, I bring you a great quote from Steve Jobs.  Surely, you must know him!  Steve Jobs was born on this day, February 24, 1955 in San Francisco.  He was adopted at birth and was raised in the San Francisco Bay area.  He created Apple in 1976, but left the company in …