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Food Flavor Fun!

Hands-On Learning

Hitachinaka Students Test their Taste Buds in English!

ひたちなか市英語教師 ひたちなか市英会話 ひたちなか市子供英語Students Learn about Flavors through Taste Testing English Lesson.

Does it taste salty or sweet? How about bitter or sour?

We use these words in English to describe how different foods taste! Last Saturday we ate different types of snacks to learn this. Our students tried different snacks such as mochi ice cream, dark chocolate, black coffee, Cratz pepper bacon snacks, Omaibo and SOURS gummy candy. Everyone surprisingly liked Cratz pepper bacon and black coffee the best!!

So what’s your favorite flavor? What’s your favorite snack of that flavor? Let us know in the comment below?


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