It doesn’t feel like studying when your students are having fun!


Ready, set, go! Today we did card races with our alphabet cards. Although learning all 26 letters can be hard, it’s really easy with this game. First, we laid down the uppercase cards in the lobby. Then students lined up to get a lowercase card. Finally, students raced from the classroom to the lobby searching for the matching letter. It’s one of our student’s favorite games!


Want to use this game more than once? Then switch it up in different ways! For example, try changing the way students race. Instead of just running make them hop. Or put them in teams and have them relay with chopsticks. Then they must use chopsticks to pick up the cards!


In the end, learning English should be fun. We always remember this when teaching our students. But learning shouldn’t only be in the classroom. It’s also important to practice at home. How do you like to study the alphabet with your child?freadom eikaiwa