Hello there, Freedom students.  Today, I bring you a great culture thought about Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day in the US is a very different thing than it is here, did you know that?

Typically, V-day in the US is a couple’s holiday.  Many couples will try to schedule a date sometime around February 14th.  For example, a young couple might go see a movie and eat a romantic dinner.  Parents might find a baby sitter and have a night out alone.  Elementary age children typically bring in little Valentine cards with candies to give out to their classmates.

My high school used to have rose-and-cookie grams, where we would buy a rose and a cookie to be sent to a person on Valentine’s day.  The student council made the cookies fresh that day.  It was always fun to send a gram to a student who was having a bad week or to show your appreciation to a friend or teacher.

Companies, of course, take advantage of this season.  There are lots of commercials for chocolates, flowers, and jewelry.  Every store is full of red, pink, and white cards to send.  It is quite the show every year.

White Day, however, isn’t really celebrated in the US.  How funny!

What do you think?  Do you prefer V-day in your country, or would you like to try V-day in the US?