Hello, Freedom students!  Today, I have a great Culture Thought for you.

Last Friday, quite a few of my junior high school students took their prefectural exam for high school.  I was really cheering them on!  How exciting!  Did you know that most American students do not need to take an exam to go to junior high or high schools?  All public schools in the United States do not require a test to join the school.  Typically, the students enter the school based on where they live.

For example, there were three high schools in the city I lived in.  I attended my school because it was the closest to where my family lived.  My parents chose their neighborhood because the schools were reportedly very good.

However, most high school students take at least two exams for college!  They are standard across the country, so every student can use the same two tests (the SAT and the ACT).  Students can also take special classes, called AP, where at the end of the year, if they pass a test with a high enough score, they can skip general education requirements in college.

I did that!  It’s part of the reason I could graduate so quickly!

What do you think of testing in your home country?  Do you think Japan has it right, or does America? 

Let us know in the comments below! 😀