Hello there, Freedom students!  It’s the first day of June, and for most Americans, that means summer has officially started.  Most American schools have finished by now (most finish near the end of May), and kids have started their long summer holiday.


At this time, families usually like to go on vacation together.  Families will go to the beach, the mountains, Disney, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios–just to name a few!  When I was young, my dad liked to take us to Disneyworld and Disneyland.  I have some pretty fond memories of those trips.  As my brother and I got older, we spent more holidays going to Hawaii instead.




In high school, I took a part time job over the summer.  Most high school students will pick up some part time work over the summer to earn spending money.  Once I was in college, I started taking a few summer classes and worked a part time job too.


Sometimes, I really miss my long summer holiday.  What about you?  What is summer like in your country?  Let us know in the comments below, and stay cool out there!