Hey there, Freedom students!  Today, I have some great news for you from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Last Sunday, the famous marathon, the Boston Marathon, was run.  It is a very fast and very competitive race.  50 years ago, the first woman ran the race.  However, at the time, women were not allowed to run in marathons. 

Kathrine Switzer entered the marathon as K.V. Switzer in 1967.  By hiding her name, she could enter in the race.  A few miles into the race, an official tried to stop her, but other racers protected her and she finished the marathon.  (Today’s picture shows Switzer and the official!) Her time was 4 hours and 20 minutes.


Women could enter the race officially in 1972, and the woman’s marathon was added as an Olympic sport in 1984.  This year, Switzer ran the marathon again, at age 70!  She completed the race in 4 hours and 44 minutes!  Wow!

Have you run a marathon?  I want to be able to run a marathon when I am 70 too!  Kathrine Switzer is a strong and fast woman!