Summer English Camp Arts and Crafts!

Summer English Camp Arts and Crafts!

Summer’s almost over but we’re making the memories last! We did an ocean theme for this year’s summer craft. Our students learned about jellyfish, fishing, turtles, whales and more! What’s your favorite ocean animal?
Let’s Party!

Let’s Party!

This year’s summer party was so much fun! Over 60 people joined the party. We started off the party with a paper airplane contest. Then we held a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. After, we played bingo, ate shaved ice and gave out so many prizes. Who won a prize from...

Monster Potato!

What’s this? Monster potato head! Students learned how to say eyes, ears, mouth and nose with the have/has verb. So much fun!

Dodge Frisbee!

Our kids love dodge frisbee! It’s a fun and safe way to drill grammar or vocabulary. 😸 If a student gets hit they must say a sentence with the grammar they learned. 💪 Even if they can’t, they still get to stay in the game!

Can you name that fruit?

Musical chairs isn’t just a fun party game! It’s also a great way to test vocabulary 😄 We went over our fruit cards and danced to our English fruit song!

Ready, Set, Go!

It doesn’t feel like studying when your students are having fun!   Ready, set, go! Today we did card races with our alphabet cards. Although learning all 26 letters can be hard, it’s really easy with this game. First, we laid down the uppercase cards...